About Us

Our Mission


As Canada’s Real Estate Company, Royal LePage is proudly Canadian. Since 1913, Royal LePage has been helping Canadians buy and sell homes in communities across the country. We are very proud to be a local business with such an iconic, national real estate brand supporting us, our REALTORS® and our clients.

Our mission is to deliver innovative services and market information with superior client satisfaction all the while making a meaningful contribution to the communities in which we live and work. We are proud of the integrity and professionalism of our REALTORS®.

Education Program

At Royal LePage New Concept we feel being educated in real estate is of utmost importance in staying relevant in our ever-changing market. Over the years we have structured our training to be as efficient and beneficial to our Realtors as possible. Whether you have been practicing as a realtor for 30 years, or just starting out in the industry, our educational programs are designed to keep you at the top of your game. 

We break our educational training into four segments that are held every Thursday at 10 AM. 

General Meetings

The beginning of every month is dedicated to a recap of what new is currently happening in our market and brokerage as a whole. Updates on new administrative processes, market updates, new procedures, and pre-construction updates. 


Royal LePage New Concept has some of the best developer relationships in the industry. With over 40 years of experience pioneering how pre-construction operates today, our launch program focuses on all things pre-construction. The information is intended to be used to keep yourself informed in the market as well as keeping your clients informed. We are dedicated to showcasing currently available and upcoming developments throughout the entire GTA that we can give you first access to. When it comes to buying pre-construction properties, it's integral to maintain solid relationships with developers to ensure first access into the development is received to benefit from the lowest pricing and most inventory. 


Our Elevation program is designed to keep you relevant in the industry. Whether you've been practicing for 30+ years or have just completed your real estate license, best practices are constantly changing so it's important to adapt to what's happening in our market. Through our affiliated law firm and mortgage partners, we've created a program that uses real-life scenarios and best practices that should be implemented in your day-to-day business. 


Our Bridge program is designed for new and seasoned realtors, and takes place on the last Thursday of every month. Bridge is intended to touch on all facets of real estate and fill the gaps for agents who are in need of a refresh, whether that's transactional-based, legal, marketing, or general knowledge.

Our Leadership and Management Team

Our leadership and management team includes experienced professionals with decades of combined industry expertise to coach and mentor you. Our offices are staffed full-time with management and professional administrative staff ensuring there is someone available to help you at all times. Our commitment is to provide you with powerful business tools, access to leads and referrals, and training for all stages of your career that builds your skills and fills your sales pipeline. Royal LePage sales professionals are supported by a strong brand, culture of collaboration and innovation, and have access to the services and leadership they need to be successful and grow their businesses.

Training & Coaching

At Royal LePage, you have access to the industry's most comprehensive sales, marketing and technology training along with coaching. We recognize that the real estate industry is constantly changing, and we’re committed to keeping you ahead of the curve to manage a thriving business.


Royal LePage is a pioneer and leader in technology. The award-winning national website is the top real estate company website in the country driving out 200,000 leads annually. And, this year, we are excited to launch the first fully-Canadianized brokerage platform that provides you with end-to-end services from lead generation, a website, a CRM, marketing tools as well as an integrated electronic document management system. Your clients’ information will flow seamlessly from inception to close. The technology smartly leverages behavioural automation and AI making your business life easier to manage and more productive.

RLP Marketing


As a Royal LePage sales professional, we provide you with top-notch, ready-made digital, print and social marketing materials required through various parts of the transaction to promote yourself. The company also supports you with a strong national media program to build brand awareness and stay top-of-mind.

Networking & Events

Alongside local events we host, with a network of over 18,000 strong, Royal LePage continues to be the largest national real estate company in Canada. Through national and regional events, you benefit from the opportunity to learn from industry and subject-matter experts and network with your fellow Royal LePage REALTOR® while building your referral network.